A honest review by one of our CMA alumni

An honest review by one of our CMA alumni

We asked Aleksandar Markovic, one of our CMA alumni to describe his CMA experience at the Staan Finance Academy during his CMA course, and about the following impact after completion.

I started the CMA program hoping it will open new doors and bring some visible distinct advantages. I wanted to learn alongside other finance professionals in the classroom and to expand my professional network with alumni around the world. I wanted to gain a broader, more interconnected perspective on management reporting building up on my chartered accountant knowledge.

CMA Experience

Because I was working full time, I decided to take the approach that was recommended by Staan instructors and that is to make a study plan per week with the lessons and number of MCQ for every day. This meant that I would start studying 3 months before the exam for at least one hour every day. It is always hard to stay consistent, but it pays off in the end.

My experience at the Staan Finance Academy is nothing but positive! We had a wonderful time during classes exchanging knowledge from different industries with real-life examples. Instructors were always well prepared, making sure we are in good hands and helping us to clear all the doubts. Also, the transitions from physical to online classes were really smooth. I personally don’t feel that we missed anything, and quite opposite, we managed to stay in touch during tough Covid times.


After becoming a CMA, I gained more confidence in my current role and that also opened the doors for further advancements in my carrier. I can see people recognizing my certification by asking for advice more often, and I also bring new theoretical and practical solutions to the table now.

Everyone who wants to excel in a finance management-related role should follow the CMA program. It will allow you to understand what the limitations of the traditional ways of thinking are and provide you with sources on how to overcome those limitations. Management accounting is evolving together with the economy and keeping up to date is a must. I personally find that the continuing professional development courses are one of the biggest benefits of the program. The certification brought me a new perspective allowing me to connect things that I already knew in my role in a more structural way. Now when I’m familiar with different theoretical concepts and practical solutions from other industries I’m able to make more calculated decisions faster and with more confidence.

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