CMA through the eyes of our alumni

At the Staan Finance Academy, we are eager to support the personal development of ambitious Finance Professionals, both internally and externally. That is why we always strive for the best results for our candidates. Our goal is to exceed expectations, which is why we are constantly improving. In this article, we look at the CMA program through the eyes of our Finance Academy alumni.


CMA at Staan Finance Academy
Staan Academy follows a research-based approach to ensure our participants pass their exams. It is a program where the preparation starts by yourself so that you actively take in the theory. This is followed by monthly interactive sessions. These consist of short lectures and break-out sessions where you apply the theory in practice. According to many course participants, it is technically convenient in terms of planning, as it can be perfectly combined with their own working hours.

A personal approach
Staan values each individual and ensures there is plenty of room to overcome challenges. In addition to personal attention, we offer a platform with direct dialogue with the lecturer. Our CMA lecturer is Marc Jansen.

“The lecturer was great, very good. He could explain absolutely everything and when there were questions that went beyond his story, you noticed that he knew exactly what he was talking about.” .” – Ralph

Staan works with small study and training groups to get the best results. Students feel the same way. Our alumni Gerco is extremely positive about the small groups. This ensures that everyone is involved. According to alumni, it is a great thing that you get to know each other. A small class makes less noise, so you can address more specific things. Marc is seen as helpful; his students say he is always open to questions.

“Marc took enough time for people who sat with questions, I was in a group with around 12 people. This was pleasant because people dared to answer. You can notice that interaction occurs and the material becomes really clear. As a result, the group kept up well”. -Ralph

According to Gerco, the lessons were very interactive. In the lessons, you were not just looking at a screen, the theory was brought into practice.

The value of classes
By taking the CMA course, you will demonstrate mastering the crucial accounting and financial management skills needed today. You will obtain the certificate by thoroughly absorbing the material. It is a combination of self-study and additional resources.

“What I liked most was the practical training for the exam. If you know what knowledge you need you will be more comfortable going into the exam. Experiential tips and tricks outside the material are hugely valuable. Marc explains what will be asked and where the focus lies in the exam.” – Floris

In addition, the lessons provide guidance and support, says Gerco. It is tough to deal with the training regularly without additional tools. It requires a lot of self-study, which makes contact moments all the more important.

Achieving the program
CMA training is an internationally recognised course and a key to more career opportunities. The CMA certificate shows that you have mastered the skills needed in accounting and financial management today. It is CV technically a great step. Many students report that their knowledge has broadened immensely.

“In the end, the quality of my work went up. I saw immediate results after the program. Especially personal expansion of knowledge within my field. It gives more self-confidence in the work field and creates more opportunities for my career.” – Floris

With a lot of effort, you get a great end result and a wonderful diploma. Similarly, Gerco agrees that you stand in a stronger position after the training because you have more grip and knowledge of the field.

Receiving the CMA certificate means a great opportunity. It opens the door to promotion, demonstrates expertise, provides greater visibility, and allows you to become a more confident and valued partner in your organisation. Passing these tough exams is a prestigious achievement, but it is something you can achieve too.

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