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CMA through the eyes of a CMA alumni

In this blog post, Manou Lissauer one of our CMA alumni describes her experiences during and after following the CMA course at the Staan Finance Academy.

The Staan Academy ensures the continued development of professionals. For our own Finance Professionals, but also for external Financials! It is our mission to provide professional support for your personal development.

CMA experience

CMA brought me a huge advantage in my career and a great addition to the knowledge I have gained during my master’s. I have a master’s degree in Accounting & Control, very much focused on external audit. However, I always had the ambition to work in business, rather than as an external auditor. CMA helped me to gain more knowledge about business related topics like decision making, P&L margin analysis and VMP analysis.

After having worked for 8 years in business control, I noticed I plateaued in terms of knowledge, while I saw my peers still growing. Therefore, I decided to pursue a CMA degree. I’m working in an international environment and have spent a few years abroad, therefore it made the most sense to me to have an international degree that is worldwide recognized.

I choose Staan as the academy to go for, as I preferred to have smaller interactive group sessions with less focus on lectures, and more focus on discussions. This was very useful for me, as we were able to share thoughts and experiences. The lines with the teachers were very short and therefore we were well aligned about expectations and progress.

After CMA

After 1,5 years of studying, I passed the second exam of CMA. Since then, I got promoted at work and my LinkedIn exploded with recruiter connections. CMA is not just very useful from knowledge point of view, it’s also a great CV builder.

Have you become enthusiastic by our CMA alumni to get started with CMA-course and be the best at your organization? Or could you still use some information? Then look at the CMA page on the Staan Finance Academy!


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